About ProviderSource

State Senate Bill 5346 outlined a requirement that a statewide data collection process be set up for all credentialing and privileging data to reduce hassles for the provider community and simplify access to data for health plans and hospitals. OneHealthPort is the lead organization referenced in the bill. We have partnered with Medversant to offer ProviderSource. OneHealthPort manages your user credentials and Medversant hosts the ProviderSource site and application.


ProviderSource is a service to help Washington healthcare providers manage provider data used for credentialing and privileging. With ProviderSource, your practice enters data once and attests to it multiple times during the year. The service prompts you to keep your information current.

This online data collection and verification system allows your practice to take advantage of a service that:

  • Continuously reviews and verifies pre-populated provider data available through public databases.
  • Provides a place to enter your practice credentialing information and upload documents to a single, secure database.
  • Receive reminders when your practice needs to re-credential or renew malpractice insurance or licenses.
  • Ensure your data is available to hospitals and health plans when they need it.

There is no fee for providers to input data, attest or print records.

It is simple for practice staff to enter complete credential information and answer questions specific to the Washington Provider Application. With a HIPAA compliant, encrypted electronic signature, your practitioners attest online. There are no printouts needed.

The system continues to work for your practice even when you are not logged on. Using patented technology, ProviderSource continuously verifies credentialing data about your practitioners found in public databases.

ProviderSource meets both data-collection and primary source verification requirements of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) and the Joint Commission standards; you can be assured that all of your credentialing needs are met. ProviderSource fully complies with all laws and regulations relating to the privacy of individually identifiable health information. ProviderSource employs leading-edge technologies to provide for information security and system user privacy.

Share Data with Health Plans and Hospitals

Under Senate Bill 5346, ProviderSource is the single source for health plans, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations in the region for credentialing. Each hospital and health plan still manage their own credentialing and privileging process and committee work, but they collect all data and documents needed via ProviderSource. 

Data Use Policy

Confidential data will be made available only to entities engaged in credentialing or privileging activities and for these activities only, and entities receiving confidential data items are expressly prohibited from reselling or redistributing these data to any other entities. For a full copy of the data use policy, see the OneHealthPort ProviderSource Policy.