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ProviderSource Document Uploading Guide

A common issue encountered during the credentialing process is trouble uploading the required documents for a credentialing record. Below is a walkthrough of the document uploading process.

In the ProviderSource application under the audit tab, select the "Application Documents" section, then Select the green upload arrow next to the document you need to load.

ProviderSource1.png                                                 ProvderSource2.png


Select the "choose file" button in the upload window to search your computer for the document file, select the file you wish to upload, .pdf .gif and .jpg documents work with this application, the smaller the document size the easier it is to load.



Click the upload button to load your document into the application, then press the close button, your files should now appear in the application document page.


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Application Data Entry Provided by Medversant

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If you have gone through all the steps in Getting Started and are ready to begin using ProviderSource for credentialing, but you don't have time for full data entry and review, you may want to consider ProviderSource's Credentialing Assistance Services.