Before You Begin

To use ProviderSource, each credentialed provider or practitioner in your organization must be set up with his or her own unique OneHealthPort Subscriber ID. Doing this in advance can save time, and make credentialing and privileging with the new service easier. ProviderSource’s account manager function allows an organization to select their practitioners and manage the data entry for them. In order to access the account manager function, the users doing this work must have an OneHealthPort Administrator ID. The list provided in account manager is populated based on user records with the role "Licensed practitioner" and the user must be affiliated with your organization.

A quick list of things to do includes:

  • Determine what staff will manage the credentialing and privileging data for your practitioners and make sure they each have a OneHealthPort Subscriber ID with administrative rights.
  • Nominate each practitioner who is credentialed or privileged for their own OneHealthPort User ID.
  • Make sure to select the "Licensed practitioner" role when nominating those new users you want to appear on the account manager list for staff to manage their data.
  • Make sure that practitioners being credentialed have Browser Second Factor additional security on their account in order to attest to their completed ProviderSource records.