Before You Begin

Each credentialed provider in your organization must have their own unique OneHealthPort Subscriber ID to use ProviderSource. Also, there are specific roles you'll need on your account to get started. 

Licensed Provider/Practitioner

If you are a licensed provider or practitioner and have an active OneHealthPort Subscriber ID or have had one at any time, your ID follows you wherever you go. Verify your email address and let your new Administrator know to affiliate your ID to your new organization. Do not create a new OneHealthPort Subscriber ID.  

If you are a licensed practitioner who has never had a OneHealthPort Subscriber ID, have your Administrator nominate you for an account. If you are starting your own practice, see instructions under new organizations. 

If you are not sure, check for an existing Subscriber ID. If you need help reactivating your account, resetting your password, changing your email, or you have any login related questions, please contact us for assistance. 


Credentialing Manager

To manage credentialing for your organization you must be a OneHealthPort Administrator for your organization. In addition, your OneHealthPort Subscriber ID must have the Credentialing Manager role. This will allow you to manage data entry for providers in your organization. 


Organizations and Administrators

If your organization is not already set up with OneHealthPort you need to register

Once your organization is registered, follow these steps. Log in to your Administrator Account and download the 'Credentialing Getting Started Guide' located at the bottom of the Administrator home page for step-by-step instructions and screenshots. 

  • Determine what staff will manage the credentialing and privileging data for your practitioners. Make sure they each have a OneHealthPort Subscriber ID with administrative rights and a Credentialing Manager role.

  • Nominate each provider or practitioner who is credentialed for their own OneHealthPort Subscriber ID if they don't already have one. If they are coming from another organization you can affiliate their current ID to your organization.

  • Make sure to select the "Licensed practitioner" role when nominating new users so you can manage their data.

  • Ensure that providers and practitioners have enabled Browser Second Factor on their account so they can attest to their completed ProviderSource records.