Register Here  OneHealthPort offers a single-sign-on service so that healthcare workers can access all participating sites and applications with a single login and password.  The healthcare sites are used to meet real business needs like answering questions about eligibility, claims status, and other important issues.  

Manage OneHealthPort Accounts

OneHealthPort gives you an easy-to-use tool set to manage your account. The quickest and easiest way for you to make a change or fix a problem is with the self-service options below. Before you call support, click on the appropriate links below to manage your OneHealthPort account (your OneHealthPort password), or to manage or unsubscribe to the clinical or administrative tools you access through OneHealthPort. The link will ask you to login to your account in order to access the menus.

For Subscribers

Login to your subscriber account in order:

  • update personal information
  • change your email address
  • change your password
  • add or change your secret questions
  • view roles and affiliations
  • delete your OneHealthPort account

This is for a single user to manage their information.

For Administrators

Login to your administrator account in order to:

  • nominate and manage subscribers within your organization (including assisting with password resets)
  • change a user name or email address
  • access the Administrator’s Guide
  • change your organization information
  • add Tax IDs
  • add administrators
  • create sub-organizations

This is for an administrator to manage many users and the organization information.