CDR Overview

Use the CDR

To use the OneHealthPort CDR and other HIE applications, such as the C-CDA Validator and the OneHealthPort Provider Directory, your organization must be a participant with the OneHealthPort Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Vendor Readiness

Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors play an important role assisting provider organizations to prepare for and begin C-CDA data submissions to the CDR. OneHealthPort is currently working with vendors to ready their systems for C-CDA data submissions. Learn where your vendor is at in the C-CDA data submission preparation process.

Prepare the C-CDA

These steps will help you prepare, test, and submit C-CDA documents to a Clinical Data Repository (CDR) or with other HIE participating organizations.

Become a Sponsor

Clinical Data Repository (CDR) services are offered by the OneHealthPort HIE to organizations interested in collecting clinical data for a specified patient population. The organizations, known as Sponsors, coordinate CDR initiatives with providers to exchange C-CDA documents using connectivity to the OneHealthPort HIE.

Maintenance Schedule

Production maintenance is scheduled monthly for up to a 3-hour outage starting at 7 PM Pacific.

Next scheduled Production maintenance is Thursday, November 29, 2018.

UAT maintenance is scheduled for a 2-hour outage the first Thursday of each month from 2-4 AM Pacific. Additional scheduled UAT maintenance is performed on a Thursday later in the month from 8 -10 PM Pacific. Please see schedule for details.