HIE Overview


The Health Information Exchange (HIE) supports the exchange of clinical or business information in standardized message formats. To participate, interested organizations must sign a participation agreement and pay an annual subscription fee.


Organizations contracted with the OneHealthPort HIE must register facilities before exchanging information.


The HIE supports standard transactions such as C-CDA documents, Electronic Laboratory Reporting and Syndromic Surveillance messages to the Department of Health, and system-to-system query capability to the Prescription Monitoring Program database.

Application Portal

HIE web applications offer OneHealthPort HIE participants access to tools for using HIE services through a secure website portal. Applications include the Clinical Data Repository, the OneHealthPort Provider Directory​, and C-CDA Validation Testing.

Maintenance Schedule

Production maintenance is scheduled monthly for up to a 4-hour outage starting at 5 PM Pacific

Next scheduled outage is Friday, May 19, 2017

UAT maintenance is scheduled for a 5-hour outage the first Thursday of each month starting on Wednesday at 11 PM and ending Thursday 4 AM Pacific.