Workflow Navigator

The Workflow Navigator is intended to help providers quickly get to the right section on a payer website for pre-service or admission notification information. With increasing pre-service demands, providers are finding it challenging to work across multiple payer websites and quickly access the needed information. OneHealthPort developed this tool in partnership with the Pre-Auth Work Group. OneHealthPort will continually update this information based on payer information and provider feedback.

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Service Category Definitions


Services covered under a member’s medical benefit

Advanced Imaging

Services related to radiological studies

Behavioral/Mental Health

Services addressing the behavior and/or mental health of a patient

General Pharmacy

Medications covered under a member’s pharmacy benefit

Carved Out Service

This is provided by an outside service. 

Link Definitions

Coverage Requirements

Information related to a health plan’s Utilization Review requirements associated with a specific service that will cause a denial or will impact reimbursement of a service, to include but not limited to:

  • Is a pre-auth required?
  • What are any payer/plan coverage restrictions, e.g.  type of rendering providers, site of care/place of service, etc.?  This will include specialty pharmacy specific restrictions if/as appropriate.
  • Will a pre/post-service medical necessity review be conducted?
  • Does the requested medication need to be purchased from a speciality pharmacy?
  • Are there any excluded or investigational services that are not included in a patient’s benefit plan?

Medical Policies

Information related to medical guidelines/clinical criteria

Per the BPR – this information will either

  • Be the medical policy,
  • Or will indicate the vendor of the clinical criteria that is being used and provide a contact where clinical guideline information can be obtained in a timely manner

Pre-Service Request Status

Status information about a submitted pre-service request

Pre-Service Review Request

Interactive form and/or process that the provider would complete and submit when requesting a pre-service review

Unlisted Procedures

  • Phone number for answering questions about an Unlisted Procedure, and 
  • Supporting documentation that needs to be submitted with any Unlisted Procedure