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You may have recently received notification from your Managed Care Organization partner about a new initiative from the Health Care Authority (HCA) – the Clinical Data Repository (CDR).  The information below will help you to determine next steps for your organization.  

The Health Care Authority (HCA) is advancing Washington’s capabilities to collect, share, and use integrated physical and behavioral health information from provider’s Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs) by implementing the Washington Link4Health Clinical Data Repository (CDR).  The CDR aggregates clinical information from disparate EHRs in one easily accessible location.  By providing access to clinical information from outside the enterprise, the CDR helps the care team gain a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s medical history.

Participation in the CDR is required for all Provider Organizations that are contracted with Managed Care Organizations, see Apple Health Managed Care Enrollees, and have a certified EHR. 

HCA has partnered with OneHealthPort to develop and manage the CDR.  The CDR test environment is operational and available for testing. OneHealthPort is currently working with a large number of provider organizations testing and validating submissions to the test CDR prior to moving to production.

For any questions on how or when to get started, please submit a OneHealthPort HIE Support Request Form.

Step 2 : HIE Contracting

To participate in the CDR initiative you must be a participant with the OneHealthPort HIE. Participation in the HIE requires an annual subscription which is billed when you begin submitting data to the CDR.

Go to the contracting page

Learn more about the HIE fees

There are no setup or per transaction fees.

Organization Level Annual Organization Operating Revenue Annual Subscription Fee
Entry $0 - $10 Million $600
Small $10 Million - $100 Million $6,000
Mid-size $100 Million - $500 Million $12,000
Large $500 Million - $1 Billion $24,000
Leadership $1 Billion Plus $48,000


Step 3 : C-CDA Exchange

In order to collect standardized data from all organizations submitting to the CDR, each organization will be asked to work with their Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendor to prepare and test their C-CDA files. Preparing for C-CDA Exchange provides detailed information about preparations and testing.

Step 4 : Contribute Provider Information

Organizations submitting data to the CDR will also need to contribute information to the OneHealthPort Provider Directory. The directory will populate provider information to the CDR.