About OneHealthPort

OneHealthPort enables streamlined care delivery and reduces administrative burden by providing solutions that address shared health information challenges. We are a values-driven, solution-focused organization working every day to make efficient sharing and accessing of health information business-as-usual for healthcare organizations of all sizes.


Our mission is to convene and work directly with the healthcare community to support care delivery and improve efficiencies by enabling access to high-value health information.


Our vision is a connected community in which people and organizations seamlessly access electronic clinical and administrative information for care delivery.


  • We treat each other, our customers, partners, and vendors with consideration and respect, striving to understand and honor each person for who they are.
  • We collaborate and bring people together to improve healthcare.
  • We innovate to increase the value of the healthcare delivered by organizations to their patients.
  • We are here for our customers, focused on responding to their needs and acting with integrity.
  • We come to work each day to make a difference and are committed to making life easier for people who work in healthcare.

OneHealthPort FAQ

Who is OneHealthPort?

Founded in 2002, we are customer-owned, and governed by leading local healthcare organizations including physicians, hospitals, health plans and associations. We are a for-profit company that acts more like a co-op, operated for the benefit of the community.

What Type of Organization Does OneHealthPort Provide Services For?

We provide health information services to the health community. We are here to bridge the gaps between payers and providers; between the public and private sectors; and between many different types of information systems.

What Services Does OneHealthPort Offer?

OneHealthPort got its start by providing identity management services to the community through our Single Sign-On (SSO) offering. In addition to SSO, we currently offer the following range of services including:

  • Health Information Exchange
  • Clinical Data Repository
  • Convening health entities for Administrative Simplification (AdminSimp)
  • Credentialing

We also facilitate the HIE for the Renal Healthcare Association, supporting information exchange among dialysis facilities across the nation.

How Does OneHealthPort Determine Which Services and Products to Provide?

As an intermediary, OneHealthPort is in service to all our customers. We do not unilaterally develop products. Our job is to understand the common needs of our public and private sector customers, develop capabilities to meet those needs and deploy services in the marketplace. Sometimes, we take the lead in developing technology solutions and standardized best practices, and sometimes we partner with national organizations that have similar goals to leverage our local capabilities and serve broader populations.

What is OneHealthPort’s Role with the State?

In Washington State, we have the unique role of “Lead Organization, ” directing Administrative Simplification efforts in partnership with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC), and leading implementation of Health Information Exchange in partnership with the Washington State Health Care Authority. We are charged with running our Lead Organization services like a business, but in the public interest.

What is OneHealthPort’s Unique Role in the Market?

In a marketplace crowded with health information organizations and services, OneHealthPort occupies a unique position. We are the provider of choice:

  • For those things better done once
  • When it's important to see the whole market, not just one piece of it
  • In cases where it's vital to have a non-proprietary, transparent option
  • When an intermediary trusted by the public sector and competing private sector enterprises is required
  • To deliver shared services that enhance competitive offerings equally for all parties