About Us

Created by and for the local healthcare community, OneHealthPort solves information exchange and workflow problems shared across healthcare organizations.

Every day, we work on making the electronic exchange of health information in the Pacific Northwest business-as-usual for healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our business, however, is a bit unusual.

How We Operate

We are customer-owned, and governed by leading local healthcare organizations including physicians, hospitals, health plans and associations. And when your customers and your owners are one and the same, you tend to approach things a little differently.

How It Works

Our focus and energy goes toward connecting healthcare organizations here in the Pacific Northwest to make patient care safer, communities healthier and the delivery of health services more efficient and effective. Sometimes, we partner with national organizations that have similar goals to leverage our local capabilities and serve broader populations.

We are a for-profit company that acts more like a co-op, delivering services at the lowest possible price to cover our costs. Are we a small business or a community utility? We're a bit of both.

We are here to bridge the gaps between payers and providers; between the public and private sectors; and between many different types of information systems. We help everyone connect across the community.

What We Do

We started by providing identity management services to the community through our Single Sign-On offering, and have added a range of services including Health Information Exchange, Clinical Data Repository, Provider Data Service, and Administrative Simplification.

In Washington State, we have the unique role of "Lead Organization," directing Administrative Simplification efforts in partnership with the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner (OIC), and leading implementation of Health Information Exchange in partnership with the Washington State Health Care Authority.

OneHealthPort By the Numbers