CDR Overview

Data Application Process

The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) sponsored by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) features a clinical portal to view patient data and data products from clinical information contributed by the provider community. A data application process is now available to request data for research, analytics and public focused initiatives.

Clinical Portal

The Clinical Portal is a web portal that allows authorized users to view clinical data of sponsored patient lives in the OneHealthPort Clinical Data Repository (CDR). Data contributed by the provider community, as part of data collection initiatives, provides a longitudinal record of patient care information.

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Schedule 2024
Production maintenance is scheduled monthly for up to a 3-hour outage starting at 7 PM Pacific.

UAT maintenance is scheduled for a 2-hour outage the first Thursday of each month from 2-4 AM Pacific. Additional scheduled UAT maintenance is performed on a Thursday later in the month from 5-7 AM Pacific. Please see schedule for details.

Prepare the C-CDA

These steps will help you prepare, test, and submit C-CDA documents to a Clinical Data Repository (CDR) or with other HIE participating organizations.