Frequently Asked Questions

About OneHealthPort


What is OneHealthPort?

OneHealthPort is a secure portal that opens the door to valuable business and clinical solutions with a single way to sign on to local healthcare sites and online services for healthcare professionals.

How do I contact OneHealthPort?

For technical support, please contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

How do I contact the help desk at OneHealthPort's participating web sites?

You can contact the help desks of the Organizations providing web sites through OneHealthPort by phone, or in some cases, by email. Participating web sites should be contacted if there is a problem with the content of their web sites. View support information for the current participating web sites, and additional web sites will be added when they are live.

Registering an Organization or Subscribers


What makes a good OneHealthPort Administrator?

Each Organization needs to appoint an Administrator to manage their OneHealthPort account. Here are some guidelines to help you choose an Administrator. The person should:

  • Be very trustworthy and responsible.
  • Be in a position to confirm the identity of other employees.
  • Have secure online access.
  • Be willing to assist other employees with registration and password resets.
  • Be willing to nominate new Subscribers and suspend Subscribers who have left the Organization as needed.
  • Have access and responsibility for maintaining the Organization information including Tax ID information.

What are the responsibilities of a OneHealthPort Administrator?

The Administrator plays a critical role in the OneHealthPort Trusted Community. The Administrator manages the OneHealthPort account for each participating Organization. In this capacity the Administrator has a number of responsibilities that relate to protecting patient privacy, minimizing risk for provider Organizations, and simplifying access to participating sites for individual Subscribers to the OneHealthPort service. The responsibilities of a OneHealthPort Administrator include:

  • Creating Subscriber accounts
  • Limiting access of Subscribers within the participating Organization
  • Modifying or deleting Subscriber affiliations and roles when a Subscriber's relationship with the participating Organization changes (e.g., an employee leaves the Organization or a provider that is new to the Organization)
  • Assisting Subscribers with resetting passwords
  • Nominating staff members to be OneHealthPort Subscribers
  • Ensuring each Subscriber from their Organization has a unique Subscriber account of the OneHealthPort system
  • Establishing the Organization affiliation and role for each Subscriber that are used by OneHealthPort participating sites to grant access privileges
  • Ensuring the participating Organization has at least one other Administrator in place in case the original Administrator is unavailable to perform his/her duties or has left the Organization
  • Verifying the identity of all Subscribers nominated by the Organization for OneHealthPort digital credentials
  • Maintaining the participating Organization's information including affiliations (Tax IDs and other data) in an accurate and timely fashion
  • The Tax ID is shared each time one of your Subscribers logs into a participating site in order for the site to determine what the Subscriber can see and do. The use of a personal Social Security Number (SSN) instead of a registered Tax ID is greatly discouraged since it may put the identity of the person at greater risk.

How do I register to use OneHealthPort?

In order to use OneHealthPort, you must be affiliated with a registered Organization.

  • If your Organization is already registered, then you need to contact the person serving as your Organization's "Administrator", who is the person within your Organization who sets up and maintains your OneHealthPort account. Once you locate your Administrator, request that they nominate you to be a Subscriber.
    • As a Subscriber, you have certain responsibilities to protect the information you access. See the Subscriber agreement form to view a sample of the agreement each subscriber must accept in order to use OneHealthPort.
  • If your Organization has not yet registered, click here to register. Please note that all Organizations will need to enter into a trust agreement and therefore you must have "signing" authority to register your Organization.
    • Each Organization is required to agree to terms and conditions of OneHealthPort use before registration can be complete. See the Organization agreement form to view the Organization agreement.
    • Each Organization is required to register their business Tax ID(s) for use by the secure sites.

If you experience difficulties, contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

What if I don't know whether my Organization is registered yet or who is my Administrator?

Contact our help desk for assistance to determine if your Organization is already registered with us by calling 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

As an Administrator, how do I register/nominate Subscribers within my Organization to use OneHealthPort?

You can register/nominate Subscribers via OneHealthPort's secure web site. Access Manage Accounts and follow the simple Subscriber nomination steps after logging in as an Administrator.

If you experience difficulties, contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

Why do I need to use a unique email address?

As part of OneHealthPort’s ongoing efforts to protect the identity of each Subscriber, each Subscriber must register with the Single Sign-On Service (SSO) using a unique email address. The email address must not be used by any other person. The Subscriber who owns the email owns the entire Subscriber account and has the ability to make changes including password resets. If the email account and password information is shared, other Subscribers may make changes to the account and have access to information meant only for the account holder. This poses a risk to the account owner since Subscribers are responsible for all actions performed under their account.

In addition to the unique email address, the following controls are in place to support Subscriber security:

  • All Subscribers must have a valid unique email address. This email address must not be used by another person. Subscribers are responsible for all actions performed under their account.
  • Subscribers are required to use a password for authentication. Passwords must be kept confidential.
  • All Subscriber accounts inactive for 200 days will be disabled.
  • Accounts will be temporarily locked out after 7 login attempts. After lockout, the account will be automatically reactivated after a minimum period of 10 minutes.
  • Subscriber sessions expire after four hours.
  • Access for terminated Subscribers must be revoked immediately by the Organization Administrator or by OneHealthPort Support at the request of the Organization. 

How do I obtain a user ID and/or activation code?

To obtain a user ID, you must be nominated as a Subscriber by your Organization's Administrator.

To be nominated as a Subscriber, contact your Organization's "Administrator," who is the person within your Organization who maintains your OneHealthPort account.

Once you locate your Administrator, request that they nominate you to be a Subscriber. You will then receive a user ID and instructions on how to register as a OneHealthPort Subscriber. The Administrator will give you a one-time activation code to complete your registration.

Do I need a social security number to register as a Subscriber or Administrator?

Subscribers: You do not need to enter your social security number. Your Organization's OneHealthPort Administrator will need to verify your identity.

Administrators: You will need to enter your last 4 digits of your social security number to register with OneHealthPort and complete the online knowledge challenge test to verify your identity. If you fail the online identity verification, you will be required to complete a notary form.

View the notary instructions form to find out more about using a notary.

What happens if the Administrator doesn't pass the online identity verification?

If you are the first Administrator for your Organization, you must pass the online identity test or you will be required to prove your identity with a notary. View the notary instructions form to find out more about using a notary.

What functions do the roles which are listed on the registration screen encompass?

Roles are used differently by each site. Roles are meant to assist the site you are visiting in sharing the content that best fits an individual Subscriber's role. Most sites require ONLY one role.

"Clinician" includes the following:

  • Licensed Practitioner (MD, DO, DDS, DMD, PA, ARNP, Midwife, Podiatrist)
  • Licensed nurse (RN, LVN, LPN)
  • Medical assistant (nurse's assistant, CNA or RNA)
  • Other service provider (acupuncturist, pharmacist, therapist, chiropractor, medical technicians in radiology or ultrasound)

"Administrative Worker" includes the following: Most sites require ONLY one role

  • Billing specialist
  • Credentialing Manager
  • EFT Administrator
  • Referral coordinator
  • Office manager
  • Office worker (receptionist, customer service, admitting)

"Quality" includes staff who may work with Quality improvement reports or reporting and at select sites may be required to have a specific role to gain access to sensitive Quality Improvement data. These roles include:

  • Quality Report Manager
  • QualityReports (view only)
  • Quality Reports and Data Entry
  • Medical Director

Duplicate Tax ID Error during registration


I get a message on the first step of registration that says "Duplicate Found". What do I do now?

If the Tax ID you are attempting to register is already registered, the system is designed to alert you and ask you a series of questions to help determine what steps should be taken next to resolve the Tax ID already registered in the OneHealthPort system.

Why would my Tax ID already be in the system?

There are a number of reasons your Tax ID may already be registered. Someone else in your Organization may have already registered the Organization. A company you work with closely (a billing service or management company) may have registered on your behalf. Someone may have mistakenly registered your Tax ID because their number is close to yours.

What if the Tax ID already in the OneHealthPort system is affiliated with an Organization name that is the same as mine (e.g., someone within my Organization)?

The system will display the Administrator's name and contact information so you can contact them to assist you with a nomination.

What is the Tax ID already in the OneHealthPort system is affiliated with an Organization name that is the same as mine (e.g., someone within my Organization), but the Administrator identified is no longer with the company?

OHP will check to see if there are other Administrators in the Organization or other active Subscribers who could be promoted to an Administrator and review what is needed for that. If there are no other active Subscribers, the system will create a ticket and route it to the OHP Support desk with your contact information so staff can assist in resolving the issue.

What to do if your Administrator leaves


Our Administrator left and we need to nominate some new Subscribers. What do we do now?

If you have other active OneHealthPort Subscribers, you can request that one of those Subscribers be promoted to the Administrator role. That person can nominate new Subscribers and promote a Subscriber to Administrator if needed.

Submit a contact form and include the following information:

  • Name and address of the Organization
  • Name and the OneHealthPort UserID of the person you wish to have promoted
  • A work phone number contact if OneHealthPort has additional questions
  • A work email address if OneHealthPort has additional questions

What if there are not other OneHealthPort users in our Organization?

You will need to re-register your Organization with a new Administrator. During the registration process you may hit a Duplicate Tax ID error. The OHP system will guide you through the process of requesting your Tax ID be released so you can register the Organization with a new Administrator.

Passwords, User IDs, and Secret Questions


How do I select a password for myself? What are the restrictions?

When choosing your password, remember that you are responsible for remembering your password and you are also responsible for NOT sharing it with anyone or putting it where it could be compromised. Passwords are very serious business. Here are a list of password requirements:

  • The minimum password length is 8 characters
  • The Maximum password length is 24 characters
  • Passwords must contain characters from at least three of the following categories:
    • Upper case letters [A, B, C, ... Z]
    • Lower case letters [a, b, c, ... z]
    • Numbers [0, 1, 2, ... 9]
    • Non-alphanumeric characters such as punctuation symbols (!@#$%^&?<>`~_+*)

If you experience difficulties, contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

How do I reset my password?

If you know your current password or can correctly answer your secret question, you can use the "password reset" function to change your current password. It can be accessed at Manage Your Account where you login as a Subscriber.

If you forgot your password and wish to reset it, then use the "password reset" function and correctly answering the secret question you established during the registration process. If you answer the secret question correctly, you will receive an email with your activation code.

If you fail to correctly answer the secret question, then you must see your Administrator for a new activation code to restore the account. Following these password reset processes, you will receive an email notifying you that your password was reset. This will be sent to the email address we have on file for you.

If you experience difficulties, contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

How do I retrieve my User ID if I have forgotten it?

Contact your Organization's OneHealthPort Administrator. He or she can retrieve your User ID for you. If you are the Administrator and do not remember your User ID, contact the OneHealthPort Support Desk at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free). The Support Desk will ask a series of questions to verify who you are before they can provide your User ID.

What is a "secret question", and how do I set it up?

A secret question is used as an extra security feature that backs up your password in case you forget it. The easiest way to prove your identity if you forget your password is to correctly answer your secret question, however you do need to set it up in advance. Once you get a new password (or remember your old one), you can set up your secret question online at Manage Your Account, then login as a Subscriber and select the change secret questions option.

If you experience difficulties, contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

Why do I need a User ID and password in order to use OneHealthPort?

You are accessing secure, private health information. HIPPA requires that this type of information is secured. User IDs and passwords are a proven method for online security.

If I change my name, will my User ID change?

Your User ID will stay the same.

Will my password ever expire?

OneHealthPort does not routinely expire passwords. However, we do suggest that you change your password whenever you have a concern it may have been used by someone else. OneHealthPort also recommends you change the password once a year as a safety precaution. Many of the sites will display the Last Login Date as another method to help you verify no one else is using your password. If you see your login has been used when you were not at work, you can initiate a password change at any time for yourself. In order to change your own password, use the "For Subscribers" Login from the Manage Your Account page and select the "change password" function.

I have the correct User ID and/or password but am unable to use my Subscriber account.

It is possible that your Subscriber ID is temporarily locked, which could happen if you tried too many times to log in unsuccessfully. If this were the case, your credential would still be valid, it would just be temporarily locked and you would need to wait ten minutes and try again. If you are still unable to login, then you need to contact your Organization's Administrator who can reset your password and provide you with a new activation code.

If you experience difficulties, contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

What is your Privacy Policy?


Technical Questions


Whenever I enter or edit my profile information, I keep receiving an "invalid entry" message. What is happening?

Contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

How do I log out?

There are basically two ways to "log out." The most secure way is to close your browser when you have completed your work on the participating sponsor web sites. Remember to do this when you are done working for the day as well as every time you leave your terminal. Additionally, our service will automatically expire your login information after a specified period of time and you will need to login again. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BROWSER OPEN AND UNATTENDED.

I share my computer with another person. How do we manage logging in and out?

It is important to remember to log out (close the browser) completely after each session. If the other person is already logged in, you will need to close their browser to log out for them, then reopen the browser to log in for yourself. Do not share your User ID and passwords.

What web browsers can I use to access OneHealthPort?

The OneHealthPort service will work with Edge, Chrome, and FireFox. Other web browsers may not be compatible or supported. If you are having issues connecting, it is also good to confirm that your internet service provider is online.

I cannot figure out how to add a role or affiliation.

Only an Administrator can add roles and affiliations. If you are an Administrator, log in to the Administrator's Menu and select "Manage a User" to change their roles and affiliations. Full instructions can be found in the Administrator's Guide.

If you continue to have problems, contact OneHealthPort Support at 1.800.973.4797 (toll free) or submit a contact form.

What are "cookies"?

A "cookie" is a piece of information created by a web server and sent to your web browser to be stored on your computer. When you revisit the web server that gave you the cookie, your browser sends that cookie back to the server. The web server now recognizes that you have visited before, and can present customized pages to you based on information stored in the cookie.

How are cookies used?

Cookies are a useful tool for applications or services on the web. They provide a way of saving information that can be used later by the web application. Cookies can also help identify who you are so that you do not have to re-enter basic information each time you visit a web site. The OneHealthPort system requires cookies to operate properly. Cookies often contain your profile or identifying information that can be looked up by the application in the server's database.

Where can I find out more about cookies?

Information about cookies is widely available, and below are a few sites with more detailed information:

  • Cookie Central provides information on cookies on their Cookies FAQ
  • Microsoft provides information on cookies on their Cookies FAQ

How do I clear my browser cache?