Clinical Data Repository - Data Application Process


The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) sponsored by the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) features a clinical portal to view patient data and data products from clinical information contributed by the provider community contracted to deliver care under integrated Medicaid health plans. Ambulatory clinical data has been collected in the CDR since 2017 representing 1.9 million covered lives and over 29 million clinical documents.

Through a data governance process initiated by the Health Care Authority and facilitated by the CDR Lead Organization, OneHealthPort, data from the CDR can now be obtained for use through a data application process.

Data Application Process

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The links below provide important information about the data application process. Review these sections before starting the application process. For questions or assistance during the data application process, please send an email to OneHealthPort

Data Availability and Products



Data Application FAQs


Get Started

Click the link to review instructions and start the data application process.