How to Apply for Clinical Data Repository Data

The steps below describe the process to apply for and receive data from the CDR.

Review the Data Application Quick Guide for tips and to preview the online application form before starting the application process. 

Step 1 - Submit online data application

Prepare for the online data application process by reviewing the:

  • Clinical Data Repository Data Set Description document. Identify the data you want to receive in advance of starting the data application process. The data application process requires the submitter to indicate the data being requested.
  • Data product pricing. The fees for the data product design and delivery will be invoiced after the data application is approved and the Data Use Agreement is executed.
  • Data Application Quick Guide. The guide provides a preview of the online application form and helpful tips for requesters before starting the application process.

Step 2 - Application review and preparation

After the data application is submitted, OneHealthPort reviews the application and prepares additional information for requester to complete and sign. The application and additional information is organized into a packet that is sent to the Data Governance Committee for review and recommendation.

Step 3 - Data Governance Committee application review

The application packet is presented to the Data Governance Committee for review and recommendation. Application reviews are performed monthly. The Data Governance Committee application recommendation is delivered to the Health Care Authority within five business days.

Step 4 - Health Care Authority application review

The Health Care Authority reviews data applications following Data Governance Committee review and recommendation. Considering recommendations made by the Data Governance Committee, the Health Care Authority approves or denies the data application. Dispositions made by the Health Care Authority are sent in writing to the requesting organization within five business days. 

Step 5 - Sign Data Use Agreement and receive data

After Health Care Authority approval of the data application, requesting organization executes the Data Use Agreement with OneHealthPort. OneHealthPort works with organization to prepare and deliver the data.