Best Practice Recommendations

A Best Practice Recommendation (BPR):

  • Can describe policy, procedures, workflow practices or information exchange standards
  • Is biased toward electronic solutions as opposed to paper-based and manually intensive processes
  • Will leverage national standards where possible

BPRs are developed by work groups of operational subject matter experts drawn from local health care organizations who volunteer their time.  When interest is present, some interim work group deliverables are made available to a larger stakeholder group for comment.  Implementation of the BPR occurs at the individual enterprise level.  Over time, based on the experience gained during implementation, the BPRs are continuously improved. 

In addition to developing BPRs, OneHealthPort monitors the progress of selected implementation efforts related to the BPRs.  For some BPRs, OneHealthPort requests information from payers on if, and when, they expect to adopt the BPR.  For other BPRs, OneHealthPort, in partnership with community members, validates the implementation of the BPR by the payer and reports those findings.