Changes by Transaction

A set of materials has been / is being developed for each of the next version transactions. The specific materials vary depending upon the level of changes in the transaction.

Legend for ‘Organized Change Log' (5010 to 8010): This Legend should help in understanding the 'Organized Change Log'.

270 271 – Requesting and Receiving Coverage Information for Eligibility and Benefits: Document(s) last updated 12-16-21

276 277 – Requesting and Receiving Claim Status Information: Document(s) last updated 07-15-21

278 342 – Health Care Services Review - Request for Review & Response: Document(s) last updated 05-06-21

837P – Professional Claim: Document(s) 

837I – Institutional Claim: Document(s) 

837D – Dental Claim: Document(s) last updated 04-27-21

835 – Remittance Advice: