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The Health Information Exchange is a program to connect all healthcare organizations. If your organization has a need to share clinical or business information in standardized message formats from your systems to others, the Health Information Exchange may be of interest to you.

Flat annual subscription fee. See Pricing Collateral.

Review the community standard contract and policies. See OHP HIE Contract.

Request information from the OHP HIE staff. Fill out a form to outline your question area.

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HIE Reference Section

HIE Transactions  - The OneHealthPort HIE supports a series of standard transactions. This page outlines the canonical guides for the standard messages and the routine testing process used for each new organization and transaction type.

HIE Directories  - The OneHealthPort HIE provides an entity directory for participating organizations and their HIE identifiers. In addition, the HIE offers a Direct-address Provider Directory for sharing organization and practitioner Direct address information.

HIE Support Request Form  - OneHealthPort HIE uses an electronic form to log all support requests. The form provides triage of the request to the best resource to respond.

Admission Discharge Notification Transaction - Documents and links with detail on this HIE supported community transaction.

Document library - Find project documents, collaterals, reference materials and reference links

History and background of the Washington State HIE - Read the history and background on this ARRA Cooperative Agreement funded Washington State project.

Statewide HIE Community Oversight Organization - Read about the organization and purpose of Community Oversight.