Washington State’s Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides healthcare organizations a secure, low-cost means to share standardized messages with other organizations, public health registries and clinical data repositories on a system-to-system basis. The HIE supports multiple standard message formats, allowing a variety of organizations to easily exchange both business and clinical information.  The OneHealthPort HIE is designated by the State of Washington as the statewide health information exchange.  OneHealthPort also operates the National Renal Administrators Association (NRAA) HIE, which connects renal dialysis treatment facilities with CMS for purposes of quality reporting.  Read More

The Health Information Exchange is a service that supports the exchange of clinical or business information in standardized message formats. To participate, interested organizations must sign a participation agreement and pay an annual subscription fee. Read More



Organizations contracted with the OneHealthPort HIE must register facilities before exchanging information. Facilities include hospitals, clinics or practices in the organization. Identifiers are assigned to the facilities for use in the messages sent through the HIE.  Read More

The HIE supports standard transactions such as C-CDA documents, Electronic Laboratory Reporting and Syndromic Surveillance messages to the Department of Health, and system-to-system query capability to the Prescription Monitoring Program database. An Admission and Discharge Notification process is also available for hospitals to send this contractually required information to health plans. Read More

HIE web applications offer OneHealthPort HIE participants access to tools for using HIE services through a secure website portal. Applications include the Clinical Data Repository,  the OneHealthPort Provider Directory​, and C-CDA Validation TestingRead More

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