X12-HL7 Attachment Primers (v7030)

The Business & Technology Workgroup has drafted, and will continue to refine, Primers that are intended to increase understanding of the X12 and HL7 requirements for implementing the 7030 version of the Attachments transaction. These Primers are targeted at EDI IT staff and Business Analysts of provider organizations and health plan.

1. X12 7030v 275 Attachment Primer: outlines the usage requirements of the (4) X12 EDI transactions; 277RFI, 278 and 2 different 275s, that are being proposed by X12 to request and submit HL7 clinical content.

2. HL7 CDA, CCDA and CCD Primer: provides an overview of fundamental concepts for assembling an HL7 document to be exchanged within the 275 transaction.