X12 – Next Version Transaction Changes

A new version of the HIPAA transactions (post version 5010) is nearing finalization by X12.  It is still unknown if/when this new version will be sent to NCVHS as a recommended HIPAA mandate to replace the 5010 version.  Once received, NCVHS' previous policy has been a 60 day review/comment period followed by a 2 year implementation date.  

We will keep this page updated with specific milestones and dates as they are known.

All of the HIPAA transactions have been changed in the new version, some to a lesser and some to a greater extent.

The Washington State Business & Technology group is developing/refining a set of materials that are intended to help organizations to:

  1. Become aware of and understand the changes that have been made to the transactions
  2. Project the likely magnitude of development efforts to implement the changed transaction
  3. Target the specific areas in the transactions where development is required

Transaction Changes Documents